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De Vreese, S., van der Schaar, M., Weissenberger, J., Erbs, F., Kosecka, M., Solé, M., André, M.
Marine mammal acoustic detections in the Greenland and Barents Sea, 2013 - 2014 seasons
Scientific Reports, vol 8, issue 1, Nov 2018

van der Schaar, M., Haugerund, A.J., Weissenberger, J., De Vreese, S., André, M.
Arctic Anthropogenic Sound Contributions from Seismic Surveys during Summer 2013
Frontiers in Marine Science, vol 4, p.175, Jun 2017

van der Schaar, M., Ainslie, M., Robinson, S., Prior, M., André, M.
Changes in 63 Hz third-octave band sound levels over 42 months recorded at four deep-ocean observatories
Journal of Marine Systems, issue 130, p.4-11, Feb 2014

Solé, M., Monge, M., André, M., Canals, F., Quero, C.
Characterization of proteoic changes on the statocyst endolymph for the assessment of acoustic trauma on common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis)
Procedings of 5th CONGRESS OF THE SPANISH PROTEOMICS - SEProt 2013, Barcelona , p.87, Feb 2013

Solé, M., Lenoir, M., Durfort, M., López-Bejar, M., Lombarte, A., van der Schaar, M., André, M.
Does exposure to noise from human activities compromise sensory information from cephalopod statocysts?
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, vol 95, p.160-181, Oct 2013

Solé, M., Lenoir, M., Durfort, M., López-Bejar, M., Lombarte, A., André, M.
Ultrastructural Damage of Loligo vulgaris and Illex coindetii statocysts after Low Frequency Sound Exposure
Plos One, issue DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0078825, Oct 2013