Titre: AQUO
Chercheur Responsable: Christian Audouly
Résumé: Achieving a Quieter Ocean by reducing the shipping noise footprint
Date début: : 2012Date fin: 2015
Liens: http://www.aquo.eu
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Does exposure to noise from human activities compromise sensory information from cephalopod statocysts?
Ultrastructural Damage of Loligo vulgaris and Illex coindetii statocysts after Low Frequency Sound Exposure
Acoustic trauma in cephalopods under low-frequency sound controlled exposure experiments
Low frequency sound Exposure experiments on Cephalopods.
Sound reception and effects in marine invertebrates
Michel André
Joan Vicent Castell
Ludwig Houégnigan
Antonio M. Sánchez
Marta Solé
Mike van der Schaar